What is Feria del Sol?

Feria del Sol is simple- a  festival celebrating summer!  You’ll find fun rides, music, and great food for the entire family.Did we mention LIVE music?…Yes, live music at Hollenbeck Park. Featuring Local bands to include, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and a Banda band. If you don’t know what Banda Music is…you don’t know what you are missing!!Come out dance, eat and have a great time at LA Feria del Sol!

What happens at Feria del Sol?

Feria del Sol will have kids rides, carnival games and local seasonal food. 2 days of fun for the entire family.  Wristbands for unlimited rides sold online and onsite. Look for the Family Pack option!

Tacos & pupusas onsite.


Aguas Frescas

Artesania Mexicana

More to come!

Why bring the event to Boyle Heights?

Boyle Heights is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It dates back to 1876! Located between Downtown and East L.A., the area was historically a gateway for immigrants coming to L.A. Originally, Boyle Heights had a predominately Jewish population, as well as Japanese, Armenian, and Russian residents.

Today the neighborhood is home to mostly working class Latino families (especially Mexicans and Mexican-Americans). Boyle Heights is not glitzy or “upscale,” but is proud of its family-oriented, warm and friendly atmosphere that includes bustling eateries, taco stands and food trucks, street music, and locally owned small businesses.

Mariachi Square  is a popular gathering spot in the neighborhood. The triangular plaza formed by the intersection of East 1st Street, Pleasant and Boyle Avenues delineates this square. Mariachis have been assembling here since the 1930’s to look for work. Another iconic landmark on the square is the stone gazebo which was specially constructed for, and given to, the community back in the 1990’s by the state of Jalisco, Mexico (the homeland of Mariachi music).

A well-known landmark on the square is the Queen Anne style Boyle Hotel, dating back to the Victorian Era of the 19th century. In 2007, the building was designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument by the L.A. City Council.  In past three years the hotel was renovated and has re-opened as an affordable housing structure with some commercial space.

Colorful murals also dot the square. Today the future of the square, and Boyle Heights as a whole, is uncertain. Locals, as well as those who have moved out of the neighborhood, hold Boyle Heights close to their hearts, and wish to preserve the rich cultural traditions of this unique neighborhood.

Why did you pick Hollenbeck Park as the location?

Tucked next to the Golden State Freeway, Hollebeck Park is twenty-one acres of rolling hills, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a man-made lake complete with fountains. The park pre-dates the Freeway, going all the way back to the 1890’s. John Edward Hollenbeck was one of Boyle Heights’ original developers, and after he passed away, his widow – along with William Workman, a former mayor of L.A. – donated the land to the city to create the park. Today, the park is an oasis in the city where families can come to enjoy nature and the various events and recreational activities the park has to offer year round. Summer time in Hollenbeck Park is a time for families and fun, including the upcoming Feria del Sol!


Why now?

It’s summer! Why not….. It’s always sunny in California but it’s not ALWAYS summer!

If you would like to participate give us a call!

Ez Event Production/Feria Del Sol 310-473-3070
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Ez Event Production in collaboration with The City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreations and Park Present Feria del Sol.


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